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CODEX: Aegis Dragon's
This will take you back to the main page
This will take you to the history of the Aegis Dragons as well as otehr tidbits.
This is the gallery for the Aegis Dragon's. .  Inside here you will find pics of the chapter.

This will take you to some of the battles of the Aegis Dragon's.   I will post battle info...and pics if i remember to take my camera.
The pic above is my armies Icon, it will be updated once i have surround the pic in black so only the circle shows.
The pic is two celtic dragons intertwined together protecting each other, with a ruby in the center
The Chapter uses Codex Dark Angels, however they do not use bikes, so the ravenwing is the only part of the codex not used.

There will be an optional Rules section for their special Assault Coven which is composed on nothing but assault troops and speeders.

Chapter Organization:
  This section gives the basic chapter organization.  The chapter isn't organized into Companies but into covens.
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