This is my link page to sites that are devoted to warhammer 40K and aren't army specif. Some are Forums.  Others are cool sites where you can find the latest info and rumors gallore.
Infinity Circuit
This Ez Board (a forum)is fairly new...but still great.  This one focus's on the enemies of the Imperium more so than the rest.  In fact i am a Moderator go there if you got any new ideas any new Codex matter for which army
Another EzBoard.  Great Forums...i visit there often.   Check here to get there!!!
Bolters and Chainswords.
Another Great Forum.  However it is only devoted to marines, chaos marines, and sometimes sisters of battles.  The other two are to all armies.
Liber Astartes
This is truly a site to see. This place has all the chapters listed for both GW, and any and every(that is what gets sent to him) DIY chapter out there.  They have over 1500 chapters listed here for both Marines and definitly ....if you want to build a marine army check here first for some names and ideas.
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