Training Your Pet
There are many different ways to raise your pets stats. A few of them are right here.

Training 1. Training School - This is quite expensive, you buy codestones and bring them to the Training School. The payment for the classes are always different (at least chosen at random).

Training 2. Swashbuckling Academy - Use a dubloon to raise your pet's stats at the Swashbuckling Academy.

Quests 1. Quests - There are quite a few different quests you can do
click here for the names of the quests and what you need to do one them. These are usually worth it, especially tyranian quests when you get them.

Random Events 1. Random Events - While wandering around the site you may see a little box that says something has happened, maybe, just maybe you will get a stat increase.

Game 1. Wheel of Excitement - Spin for 100 NP and take a chance of getting your stats increased.

Game 2. Coltzan's Shrine - Free once a day! Go to Coltzan's shrine to raise your stats as much as possible!

Item 1. Faeries - Just by feeding a faerie to your pet they can learn new abilities and raise stats. Read the
Ability List.

Item 2. Potions - Some of the potions can be used to raise stats, I will try to get a list of them.

Item 3. Shrooms - Some of the shrooms in the Haunted Woods Apothecary can be used to raise stats. Others may lower the stats or make you sick, so be very careful. List coming soon.

Item 4. Neggs - A few neggs will increase your stats. Read the
Negg List page for more info about this.

Ways to raise intelligence -

Game 1. Cliffhanger will occasionally raise your pets I.Q. Read the
Cliffhanger Game Guide + Answers

Game 2. Faerie Crossword Puzzle can raise your pets I.Q. Read the
Faerie Crossword Puzzle Game Guide + Answers

Item 1. Books, duh! 1-3 I.Q. Points per each book! There are tons of books try to get your pet as smart as possible.

Item 2. Genius Negg - Will give you 1-3 I.Q. Points and give you a book which can be used to raise I.Q.
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