Underwater Quests
Other wise known as the kitchen Quests, you need to buy tiems for the cook to make his daily special, when you get what he wants he will reward you greatly.

Tyrannian Quests
Cheapest of all quests, they ask for random omelettes! If they ask for 1/3 omelette or something then buy an whole one and bite it they tend to be cheaper that way.

Witch Quests



Faerie Quests

Faerie quests are given out at random, you can get them from any of the 6 faeries. Here is a list of the faeries along with what they usually want and what they will reward you with.

Dark Faerie - Raises HP

Fire Faerie - Raises Strength

Earth Faerie - Gains up HP and Feeds the pet

Light Faerie - Raises pets level
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