Negg List
Here is a list of neggs and what they do, this list is not complete

Bag of Infinite Neggs - Gives you a potion each round it's used in the battledome
Bang Bang Negg - Gives you Snowballs
Blue Furry Negg - Restores 5 of your atcive pet's hit points
Christmas Tree Negg - Restores 10 of your active pet's hit points
Crystal Negg - Restores 8 of your active pet's hit points
Faerie Queen Negg - Gives your active pet hit points
Fireball Negg -A Battledome Weapon
Genius Negg - Increases Intelligances and Gives you a book
Glamour Negg - Lowers intellegence and give you 1 of 3 beauty items.
Icestorm Negg - A Battledome Weapon
Kaleideonegg - This will raise your pet one level and also change's your pet's color!
Power Negg - Increases your active pet's strength
Radioactive Negg - Raises Random Ability Levels
Silver Knight Negg - Raises active pet's defence
Snegg - Gives Hit Points and Movement Points
Spinning Negg - Gives Air Shield Ability
Vortex Negg - Gives your active pet strength
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