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I am a Maltese Pigeon Fancier
I have been racing Pigeons for over 50 years. In all modesty I can claim to have won much more than my share of prizes, including one of 2 cars ever competed for. It was a competition held over 6 races of varying distance. The winner being the one to win most points with birds having to be in the first 100 out of  about 7000 birds in the short races down to about 2500 in the longest race .
Since 1994 I have been Malta Fancier of the Year twice, and several times in the first 5 positions, including 2 seconds, with about 1200 lofts competing.
I race in the strongest club in Malta. During these last years in a competition for the 23 clubs my club won it for these last 7 years with another 3 wins before.
Since season 1986/87 I have won the club Champion 10 times, the Short Distance 11 times and twice the Long Distance.
My son Stephen was flying from my location for 8 years until 1995 during which he won the Short distance 3 times and the Club Champion once being second to me on several occasions. In the club there are an average of 45 competing lofts 
Presently we fly a 10 bird limit which previously it was a 6 limit.
I intend to use this site to promote the Sport of Racing Pigeons as being a clean and marvelous past time that one can easily take up. I also intend to put my views on how in my opinion Racing Pigeons are best managed.
I will include my club Race results. For the National results I will add a link to the Federation Web site
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