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Review of Storm Tactics Handbooks: Modern Methods of Heaving-To for Survival in Extreme Conditions by Lin Pardey, Larry Pardey

Where to find it: Storm Tactics Handbook

Not in the public domain.
Buy it at Storm Tactics Handbook

Review: Storm Tactics Handbook

This book is neatly summed up in the subtitle. Heave-to, early, and get some rest during the storm. The Pardys have bad things to say about the practice of ``running off'' during a storm. This book is well written, and clearly lays out what the Pardys have learned in their decades of voyaging. If you aren't planning on going out on the ocean where the waves can get big, you won't need this. If you are, you should read what they have to say.

Table of Contents

Chapter Page
Acknowlegements 7
Preface, by Brian Toss 9
Introduction 13
Section I—Storm Management 17
Storms and Cruising 19
Some Thoughts on Heavy Weather 27
Heaving-To: the Sailor's Safety Valve 31
Gale and Storm Incidents from Cruises on Seraffyn 45
Section II —Questions and Answers 67
Questions About Storm Tactic Choices 68
Details of Heaving-to and Lying-to a Sea Anchor 85
Section III —Checklists for Storm MAnagement 101
Choosing the Boat 102
Preparing the Boat 105
Preparing Yourself 108
Tactics as the Storm Approaches 110
General Storm Preperation 111
When It's Time to HEave-to 113
Section IV —Other PEople and Their Stories 117
Cape Horn Stories —Frank Bullen 117
Good Jump II —Jeremiah Nixon 119
Mary T —Carol and sigismund Baardsen 120
Silver Shadow —Peter O'Niel 127
Section V —Storm Trysails and Storm Trysail Track Installation 130
Appendix —Cyclonic Storms and Cyclonic Storm Management from Bowditch, American Practical Navigator 143
Bibliography 169
Para-Anchor Suppliers 171
Glossary 173
Index 175
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