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I am spending most of my time searching for race schedules for this comming year. So far I have found a broad range of schedules in Ohio and Pennsylvania. As more clubs and organizations post Adventure Race and Road Races I will update the Calendar. Just keep checking for updates.

If you know of any races that are not on my list please enter them below and give me a website with the schedule and location.

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Road Riding Your MTB - MS 150

MS 150, which is a Road "race" From Pittsburgh to Lake Erie, I found a couple factors that differ road biking on a mountain bike with biking on a trail.

1) The first big difference was between my bike and my wife's bikes setup. I have a 22" GT agressor with upgraded LX hubs and Sun RhynoLyte Rims, Clipless Mallat petals from Crank Brothers, an XT bottom bracket and Raceface Crank. This is important because my bike is faster and easier to ride than my wife's 20" MountainSmith Traverse bike with Sun Rims with Quando? hubs, Shimano crank and I don't know what type BB she has. I believe the major difference is the HUBS for speed.

2) Posture has a pretty large factor when going distances. If you are sitting too far back you tend to stretch your legs out and use your quads more. You want a balance between your quads and your hamstrings. Moving the seat and positioning the body more over the petals it helps with endourance and the balance.

3) Posture also also depends on how upright you bike. If your back and shoulders are hurting its possibly because you are too hunched over. You need to raise your handle bars so you can put more of your weight on your butt.

4) My clipless petals allow me to maximize the power I am putting into the tire rotation. I can pull as well as push. This allows me also to complete a more fluid circle motion.



How To Upgrade Your MTB For the Road

1) Upgraded hubs!

2) Clipless petals or a cage

3) Bar ends help for uphills and to rest your hands on long rides.

4) Adjust your posture.



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Because I have spent too many hours trying to find MTB Races and Adventure races in the area, and we really don't have a strong web site for Pennsylvania I decided to create one on my own. I have been on several forums where people have the same deal as me, and if this site goes well I want to turn it into the PA MTB site. I am now trying to get the picture page and the directions down. Those are in progress. Next adventure is going to be a forum.


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