Nelson County Chess Club
The  NCCC  Dragons  gather every  Thursday  at Bearno's Pizza  on  Chambers  Blvd  in Bardstown  at  6:30  pm.   All levels of play are represented, from beginner to tournament player.  Bring your own set if you  have  one.
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The Dragons
Winter 08-09
Jun 2008

May 2008
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Scott Starkey, Club President  502.349.1083
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[email protected]
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Meet Our Members *USCF
Frank Douglas
Nick Folino*
Will Hahn*
Rick Loader
Brian Lucas*
Ripley Lucas
Steve Lyvers
Danny Martin
Sal Mancuso*
Jim Martek
Rosie Martek

Rudy McKinney*
Doug McCubbins
Stan Mullins*

Terry Noel
Johnny Owens*
Andrew Preston*
Elijah Rosenbaum
Ned Rosenbaum
Will Rosenbaum
Mark Abramovich*
Bill Adams
Mike Bradford
Dave Brock*
Harrold Brussell
Stephanie Clayton*
Jenelle Coulte
Ricky Coulte
John Craycrof
Scott Starkey*
Jerry Weldin*
Roland Williams
Billy Woodring
Rich Zutterman
Several  members of  NCCC are chess coaches at different  county  schools  in this area. The  Bardstown  Optimists have  provided  equipment  for  nearly  all  these clubs,  as well  as  recognition  of  the  student  players  and  coaches.  
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