N.C.C.C. Dragon News

(May 2008)


Meetings every Thursday, 6:30 pm. @ Bearno’s Pizza

Next Meetings – May 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29




April  Meetings   In April, we finally saw some Springtime break through!  In our meetings we had Zutterman, Pres. Starkey, Preston, Stan, Doug, Weldin, Doc, Larry, Danny, Lucas and Steff.


Treasury Notes   Our club reimbursed Andrew Preston ˝ of what he spent on some Chess Awards for his students (Bardstown Middle) who participated in a small tournament at the Public Library.  We have $303 in our treasury.


Ladder Standings a/o 5/1/08   1 Lucas, 2 Coulter, 3 McKinney, 4 M Abramovich, 5 S Mullins, 6 S Starkey,7  N Rosenbaum, 8 S Clayton, 9 L Nelson, 10 A Preston, 11 D Martin, 12 D McCubbins, 13 H Brussell, 14 S Parsons, 15 R Zutterman, 16 R Williams, 17 J Martek, 18 W Rosenbaum, 19 B Woodring, 20 F Douglas.


Club Shirts and Hats   Get with Steff or Preston for your club shirts or hats with our logo.


Beat the Man Results for April    Jerry’s two months of sweeps came to an end this clear Spring evening.  Stan snatched away another “I Beat the Man” medallion.  Jerry was also facing Doc, Steph, Lucas and Larry.


Words from the Director:   Greetings to all members of the Nelson County Chess Club!  Please take time to read this message.  Mark every Thursday on your calendar for the next year.  Attend at least one meeting/game night each month (more if you are able) and enjoy chess, pizza, and lots of laughs.


The first NEWSWORTHY ITEM is that Scholastic Chess in all three local school systems (Bardstown, Nelson County, and Private/Parochial) has grown in the past 2 years largely in part to the Nelson County Chess Club members.  Most of the schools' coaches/sponsors are members of this club and the extra time taken with the students is paying off in terms of enrollment in the school clubs and in the gradually increasing numbers of students who are showing interest in improving their chess games.  Some activities occurring this year include the Bardstown Middle School Invitational Tournament, students playing in the “Beat the Man" event, coaches participating at the E-Town Chess Club, in-house school tournaments, lock-ins, and math enrichment activities that use chess to reinforce concepts of problem solving and sportsmanship.

New on the scholastic chess horizon is the possibility of forming a countywide youth chess league.  Each school club would send a team(s) of five players to compete in local, regional, and state competitions.  More to come soon regarding this!

Most of our school clubs started with just a few players and support from the Bardstown Optimist Club.  Stan Mullins, co-founder of the NCCC and past member of the Optimists has been instrumental in the school clubs aquiring chess sets, boards, clocks, and other tools for teaching chess.  On behalf of the school clubs, I would like to thank Stan Mullins, Harold Brussell, Jim Beery, and the entire Bardstown Optimist Club for sharing their resources of time and money for the benefit of youth in Bardstown and Nelson County.

In closing, let me say the good-natured competitive events hosted by the NCCC are only a part of the "draw" to attend the weekly and monthly meetings.  The other membership benefits of the club are the fun and good food shared at Bearno's Pizza in Bardstown.  The employees there are very hospitable, and the food is outstanding!!!  Thanks to the employees and owners of Bearnos Pizza for providing us a place to meet, eat, and play!

-Stephanie Clayton

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