N.C.C.C. Dragon News

(June 2008)


Meetings every Thursday, 6:30 pm. @ Bearno’s Pizza

Next Meetings – June 5, 12, 19, 26




May  Meetings   Our May meetings found the Nick Folino family visiting from E-Town!  Along with Nick and Dominic we had Zane and Elijah Rosenbaum, Lucas, Preston, Zutterman, Frank, Will H., Martin, Harold, Steff, Ned, Weldin, Starkey, Doc, and Stan.


Treasury Notes    We have $303 in our treasury.


Ladder Standings a/o 6/1/08    1 B Lucas, 2 M Abramovich, 3 R Coulter, 4 R McKinney, 5 N Folino, 6 S Mullins, 7 A Preston, 8 D Martin, 9 W Hahn, 10 S Clayton, 11 S Starkey, 12 N Rosenbaum, 13 H Brussell, 14 L Nelson, 15 D McCubbins, 16 R Zutterman, 17 S Parsons, 18 F Douglas, 19 R Williams, 20 J Martek, 21 W Rosenbaum, 22 B Woodring, 13 D Folino.


Club Shirts and Hats   Get with Steff or Preston for your club shirts or hats with our logo.


Beat the Man Results for May    Nick’s first visit to NCCC presented him the chance to ‘knock-off’ Weldin in the monthly Simul.  Nick did just that!  Jerry had seven wins, one loss and no draws.


See www.kcachess.org    Keep up with this site to know about the upcoming chess tournaments in our state, like the KY OPEN, the Bluegrass State Games, as well as smaller venues nearby.



Words from our Director Steff    NCCC meetings have been rockin' !!!  New ladder tournament participants have added a spark to the ladder and some of the games leave me asking myself, "am I really smarter than a 5th grader?"  We have also had several cheerleaders and spectators come out and support their family chessnuts.  It was good to have Cara, Nick, Debbie, Dominic, Rebecca F., Tim, and Rebecca H. with us in May. I was privileged this month to meet Debbie Folino (Nick's wife) and she has been gracious enough to share the secrets of her new opening called The Mastercard Opening. Its simplistic, well thought out strategy adds ruthlessness to her opening game.  It seems to be quite effective against Nick, especially when combined with his Budweiser endgame strategy.  So a special thanks goes out to my new chess mentor, Debbie Folino.  On a more serious note, several of our members and our friends from the Elizabethtown Chess Club will be heading to the Kentucky Open next weekend. Good luck folks! Make us proud!!!! Check w/ Stan for details. Also of interest, is the Bluegrass State youth tournament this fall, contact Andrew Preston, Scott Starkey, or Stephanie Clayton.  NCCC will Games on July 17 in Louisville. You may get instructions for how to sign up by going to the Kentucky Bluegrass State Games website and searching for the chess page. If you would like to carpool or caravan to the Bluegrass State Games, contact Scott Starkey.
On the horizon...... NCCC will be hosting a rated tournament in the future with hopes if hosting regular monthly rated tournaments. Anyone wishing to help with the planning or implementation of a rated tournament, contact Scott Starkey. Stan has offered to be our USCF Tournament Director and Johnny Owens and Jerry "The Man" Weldin have offered to help as well. There is a lot of interest, but we need to set dates.  Please contact us if you plan to join USCF (or if you are already a member) and want to have a rated tourney in Bardstown this summer. There will be a brief planning meeting at Bearno's on Thursday June 12 (6:45) and a date will be set for the first tournament.
In addition to the adults, we have several youngsters in the community who have expressed interest in participating in a tournament so let's support them!!!  Anyone wishing to help plan and host a community
cover the cost of the awards, snacks, etc...but we need adults to set up, monitor games, etc...
Thanks to all who have been attending club events these past few months. It's a blast!!! I encourage all members to attend the weekly meetings for a few laughs....oh, and some chess.
Where's Loader????? He's all about fun!!!!



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