Jesse got married as planned and we think Julie is great. We had a wonderful visit in Alaska when Wilda got married and Wally is a pretty great guy too. We have played golf with both couples (and enjoy their company otherwise too).

Our new home is done!! It looks really nice. We are enjoying living in Pueblo and we are playing a lot of golf and plan on getting season passes to Loveland this Winter.  The job is going very well!  We got a new home which can be viewed on the internet (
click here). Our model is the anniversary.

There is some good things for kids and adult kids as well as business news on the 
2ndpage click here

A few years ago we traveled to California where I climbed
Mt. Whitney, and DeVon enjoyed relaxing. If  you would like to read more about me click here. I enjoy climbing mountains, and am a mountain guide. If you have never climbed a mountain before you should. They are beautiful.

I am now teaching golf so if you are near Pueblo and want to learn to play golf I can give you a wonderful introduction to the game.

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This is me on top of Mt. Whitney.
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