After returning from Iraq I am trying to get my life back to normal. So far things are going well, but I still am having a hard time running. Today I went mountain climbing, and I feel pretty good now. Last week I went the same place, but was really exhausted when I got back and also pretty sore.

I am somewhat hard headed, but if you have gotten this far you may already know that. I play bridge on the internet and play pretty close to SAYC. I also play chess and have a rating of expert. I don't know for sure  that I am one, but I have won a lot of games. DeVon and I enjoy square dancing, and we really like our new 1986 GoldWing (picture soon). I enjoy refereeing soccer and basketball.

I have been fortunate to meet some of my lifelong goals already. Some of these are to run a marathon (The Deseret News Marathon in 5:01 in 2000), learned to juggle (right after the pasta dinner before the marathon), climb all the 14ers in Colorado, and hopefully this summer I will visit Alaska which will be my 50th state to visit. All in all life has been good to me. I have a wonderful wife and daughter.

I served for 6 years in the Navy and spent most of my time on the USS Billfish. I got to visit Spain, Italy, England, and some other ports. I wish I could have gone to more because I love traveling and seeing the world. I am now in the Army reserve.

I like skiing. It doesn't matter if I go downhill or cross country. I like the thrill of downhill, but enjoy the serenity of cross country. If I try to climb a 14er on skis that may change--cross country will be a lot of work, and I sure don't want to carry my downhill stuff up a mountain. We went cross country skiing the dy after Christmas and had a wonderful time, though I fell almost immediately. We are going again tomorrow and the weather has been perfect for it.

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