New Photos 9/9/99

Projects from 1998 & 1999 included finishing the Kemtron C-16 kit, building the Caboose Hobbies Leaverite Mine Head Frame and Ore Bins, & four new Michigan California Logging Skeletons.

The Kemtron C-16 was started in 1975 and finished in 1999. Painting is complete, but still need newer dry transfers for the lettering. Locomotive closely represents D&RGW #271 except I left off the ugly rooftop toolbox. I picked #271 because it went to a logging railroad and fits well with the Catspaw & Beggars Tomb theme.

The Leaverite Mine was produced in three different scales by Caboose Hobbies for their 50th anniversary. The O scale version was made by Colorado Scale Models.

The Mich-Cal skeletons have been modified to use Kadee On3 couplers instead of the prototype Link & Pins. I used a sandwich of brass, coupler pocket, & Styrene epoxied on. The resulting pocket is very strong & should look nice after "rusting".

The Dremel-Mill works better than I expected. Major flaw is the looseness of the Dremel motor tool bearings and the lack of rigidity in the Dremel drill Press. This is definitely not the best way to mill, but it can be surprisingly accurate. I am using relatively thick brass for a K-27 frame and I have to make shallow passes with the mill cutter. Three or four shallow passes keeps the tool under control, but the original Dremel drill press could not make fine depth adjustments. I replaced the depth stop with a 1/2" piece of all-thread, and by loosening the bottom nut and tightening the top nut I can adjust the depth very gradually. Much faster than using a jeweler's saw & less hand filing touch up. Gotta get a Taig Lathe soon though!



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Kemtron C-16 (119K)
Kemtron C-16 (123K)
Kemtron C-16 (117K)
Leaverite Mine (140K)
Leaverite Mine (145K)
Leaverite Mine (75K)
Leaverite Mine (145K)
Leaverite Mine (145K)
Leaverite Mine (114K)
Leaverite Mine (136K)
Mich-Cal Skeleton adapted for Kadee Couplers (58K)
Mich-Cal Skeleton (54K)
Mich-Cal Skeletons (119K)
Donkey (117K)
Donkey (75K)
Dremel-Mill Uses 4" Cross Slide Vise (100K)
Dremel-Mill Milling out K-27 Frame (127K)
Dremel-Mill Replaced Depth Stop with 1/2" bolt to allow finer control of milling depth (85K)
Dremel-Mill Close-up of depth feeder - by alternately loosening the lower nut and tightening upper nut can adjust depth by .001s" (35K)
Dremel-Mill - Not very rigid, but pretty good accuracy and much faster than hand sawing! (155K)



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