Steve's DCC Project

These photos show my "complete" home built Digital Command Control System used to control the locomotives on my On3 layout.

I started my foray into DCC with the Tillorps Mekaniska Werkstad (The Tillorp Locomotive Works) DCC system. The TMWDCC system is "A simple 8 throttle NMRA compatible DCC system, with easy decoder programming capability." The system uses a Personal Computer control station with a PIC16C84 or PIC16F84 interface to generate the DCC signal.

As I was completing the TMWDCC components I became aware of the DCC MiniStation© created by Robert Côté. This is a PIC16C84 based stand-alone DCC command station and decoder programmer that does not need to be connected to a Personal Computer. The DCC MiniStation generates the low-level DCC signal and plugs right into the TMW booster and uses the same power supply. I am really excited about the DCC MiniStation and with much help from Robert Côté I was able to run my first DCC loco. Robert Côté has created a very good DCC command station and I look forward to building more of his creations.

I constructed a basic version of the MiniStation using left over parts from the TMWDCC. This first "test" version of the MiniStation did not have an LCD display or a real keypad, but it did run DCC locos. The photos show the matrix of Berg jumpers I wired up to act as the keypad.

The TMW homepage contains schematics, PCB layouts, and software to build a complete DCC system. Schematics are available for the PIC processor, relay & acknowledge boards, and several boosters and power supplies.

Photos of the project - click on thumbnail to load the full image

PIC Serial Port Programmer

PIC Serial Port Programmer based on the
Used to transfer PIC program from Computer to PIC.

Mini-DCC and TMW Processor

 Mini-DCC circuit is top half, TMW Processor is lower half of board. The two circuits are only combined on board for testing - neither one uses any part of the other!

Mini-DCC Berg Jumper Keypad

Mini-DCC Berg Jumper Keypad lower right, TMW circuit on left. "Keys" are pressed by putting Berg jumper over pins.

TMW Midi Booster, Ack Detector, & Relay

TMW Midi Booster left half, TMW Acknowledge Detector upper right, TMW Relays lower right. Mini-DCC only requires the booster portion of this board.

TMW-6 Power Supply 

TMW-6 Two Amp Power Supply
Outputs +15V, -15V, +5V

TMW-6 Power Supply Interior 

TMW-6 Power Supply interior. Case is from a Personal Computer power supply. Uses original cord socket & voltage selector switch for on/off.

Complete DCC System 

Complete DCC MiniStation hooked up to test track.

First DCC Locos 

My first two DCC decoder equipped Locos. A 13 ton shay and D&RGW #50 with
Lenz LE103XF decoders installed.

Catspaw & Beggar's Tomb RR 

Catspaw & Beggar's Tomb RR Engine House area

Catspaw Engine House 

Engine House at Catspaw. Scratch-built with working glass windows, individual boards, & interior framing.



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