Well, the Spring semester at the University of Wyoming ended yesterday, so I have some time to burn. I figured I'd update my sites, and that included doing a review. I am currently looking for sites that contain lists of Sailor Moon sites, and I am REALLY interested in finding sites that are updated fairly regularly or sites that have been established recently.

I figure that even though new material is not being added to the North American version of Sailor Moon, the series may still be on the air somewhere in the US, and fans may still be interested in visiting or building webpages devoted to Princess Serenity and the Moon Kingdom. I am more than willing to encourage all of this by offering my opinions on the quality of the sites that are out there.

If you know of any recent sites or site lists, please feel free to email me at either:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Thanks again for visiting.

-- Artemis

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::May 17:: Review of Suns & Shadows posted.
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