17th september 2004

First update this year! O.o Whoah...I'm sorry, just been uber busy with life and everything going on. I won't close this site down, althou I can't guarantee it'll half much done to it as I'm going to university this year for 3 years.

If anyone would like to give me a hand with this site, it'd be more than welcome! We've been going for two years, don't wanna stop now :)


29th September 2003

God...I haven't updated fro a lonnnggg time. Well I just wanted top say that I'm gonna try work on a bigger site, a multi-anime site that will ahve reviews etc on and be a fansite type thing. This will be linked to it don't worry. But I'm in school again now so don't expect too many updates but if you have any info or stuff you wanna submit it'd be very much appriciated.


15th July 2003

An update! Well, I'm on Summer vacation now so I'll have time to add lots of infomation and stuff. Please visit our messageboard if you have any queries or anything.


3rd June 2003

Just thought I'd update. Sorry if nothings happen' but I'm doing my exams at the moment. I promise after them I'll have more time. Well, I'm open to contributions. As you can see, I have made a new banner and I have slightly altered the layout.


11th May 2003

I've done 5 characters in the characters section. I think I might do some of the gallery today as well. I'm on half term soon, so I'll be able to do more detailed character bios then. Oh, and the cursed form section is completed.

Update : I've done some of the gallery like I said.


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