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About us!

Nekkid bois was started as a response to a thread on Suicidegirls.com wondering "where are all the naked boys?". Well, they are here. This site was made to showcase and celebrate the aesthetics of naked goth, punk, emo, indie, hippy and other off mainstream guys. Naked guys is something that was generally seen as not beautiful or even slightly taboo; the only nude or near nude images of people you see everywhere are of women or girls. Think about it; in an average day, how many magazine covers/billboards/televsion commercials/movies etc.do you see with a scantily clad man on them? About zilch. And we all know that obviously many people enjoy the male form as a piece of art. There is a famous quote pertaining to the aesthetics of men from Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, "..a woman's body is a thing of beauty, a work of art. A man's body is ultitarian, like and SUV".

Well, who says there is no beauty in utility? Think of it as the best of both worlds. Beauty + utility. Instead of just one merit, why not appreciate them both? And what better way than to see it here, where the guys are in total control of how they are represented and are allowing us to take a peek into their world through their awesome photographs?

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