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Model Application
Thank you for your interest in this project. We are looking for photo sets that are made up of 25 pictures (you can send as many as you like, the more-the better) that are creative and unique and that showcase your off-mainsteam look. Please no webcams. All that we ask is that the pictures are of good quality, a signed release form (which will be emailed to you after filling out application) and starting with clothed and ending with you nude. You don't have to show anything you're not comfortable showing. If you are live near or in (or can get to) the Phoenix area, please email me with a date and time that is good for you so we can make a photography appointment. If you live outside the area, please take the photos yourself or have someone do it for you and then zip them up and email them to me or send them on a cd snail mail (along with your signed release form, address furnished in email). Things that we like to see: confidence, tattoos, piercings, makeup, skirts, themes, your personality, style, humor, intelligence, and attitude as well as anything else that showcases your unique style.
Your name:
Email address:
Briefly describe what you look like:
(must be at least 18 years of age)
- -
Local model or remote?
(if you pick local, you must live or be able to get to Phoenix, Az for me to photograph you, if you choose remote, pictures must be emailed or snail mailed.)
local remote
 Thank you!!!!!
Please be sure to send a 2 of sample pictures as well to [email protected]. Also, be patient. We will email a response as soon as we can.

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