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March 12, 2004: Phone lines around here have been dead for a few days, so I apologize for the lag in updating.
However, this update is worth the wait; please welcome Love = Death and check out our exclusive interview with them, photos and mp3s. Woot!
March 3rd, 2004: Nekkid_Bois official LJ, for all your posting needs. Join! Added Silent Gray, Once in a Lifetyme, Peachcake, and Something Left to Learn to bands page.
March 3rd, 2004: Added Love = Death to the bands section. And fixed the painfully obvious glitch on the members page. How did I not see that? Haha. And for the bands thing, they are on the site as members at the moment and each of then will get a cool feature-of-the-day thing shortly, including interviews, photos, mp3s and such. It will be rad. You will love it. Trust me.
March 2nd, 2004: New members feature added. Also, check out The Pretty Scars in the bands section (which will be shortly redone)!
February 26th, 2004: Updated and added a gaggle of new members. Added Map Of You to the bands page, so check them out. Also, as soon as we get a "real" url (within the month), we will also have working journals, boards, logins and an easier way to sign up, be sure to thank William for that. Ciao for now!
February 23, 2004: About page is done. Also, updated members and model page from my absence. And articles.


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