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The information contained within this website has been compiled by Neil Gubby with the grateful assistance of Gubby's and our relatives around the world. My particular thanks go to Ron Watson for the invaluable assistance he has provided.


One of the earliest written references to the surname Gubby dates back to the 13th Century and includes one Robert Gubbe who appears in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296.This English surname is patronymic in origin, belonging to that category of surnames derived from the forename of the original bearer's father.

In this instance, the noted scholar P.H. Reaney states that the surname Gubby and it's variants Gubbe, Gube, Gubbs and Gubb is a short form of Gubiun which can be traced to the Old French personal name Gibouin or Giboin, being ultimately derived from the Germanic personal name Gebwine, composed of the elements "geba" meaning gift and "wine" meaning friend. Thus the surname signifies "the son or descendant of Giboin or Gebwine"

This personal name was introduced into England from a place in Normandy "de Gobion" by the Normans at the time of the Conquest of 1066 and over time as it passed on from generation to generation it became to be used as an independent surname in the form of Gubbin, Gibbon and Gibbin.

Other early references include one Thomas Gubin who is recorded in the Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire in 1279 while one Richard Gubbe is listed in Moore's, The History of St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London in 1319. Records relating to bearers of the name in it's various forms in the "New World" include one Thomas Gubbs who emigrated to North Carolina as early as 1669 while in South Africa one John Gaspard Gubbins, Advicate of the Supreme Court in the Transvaal was born at Upham in Hampshire in England in 1877. He was the son of the Rev. Richard Shard Gubbins, Rector of Upham (1826 - 1884) and Ellen Etherington.

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If you've read this far you must be a Gubby or be connected to one in some way. I have traced my family tree back to approximately 1745 and would be delighted to hear from other Gubby's and compare notes.

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK although my Dad orginates from London. I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1957 and I am married with 2 sons. e-mail me

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