Robert Alan Gubby

Robert Gubby was born on 23 August 1953 and is better known as Bobby G of Bucks Fizz who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 with "Making Your Mind Up".

Bucks Fizz went on to have a number of hits with Bobby singing lead vocals on "One of These Nights", "Land of Make Believe" and "Talking in Your Sleep"

Bobby also had some solo success with "Big Deal" the theme song to the BBC TV series of the same name.

Bobby continues to perform with Bucks Fizz today.

Brian Gubby

Brian Gubby was born on the 17 April 1934 and was a racing driver who drove in the 1965 Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

Brian drove for the Lotus Racing Team but did not score any Championship points.

The 1965 British Grand Prix appears to be the only Grand Prix Brian drove in.

Alan Gubby

Alan Gubby was born on the 11 September 1966 and is a UK producerof leftfield jazz, deep house and electronica. Alan's recording career stretches back almost 10 years.

Alan regularly DJ's and performs live with a 6 piece band, fusing dub, electronics, furious funk and latin beats.

In 1991 Alan released his first ep "multinational". In 1997 Alan released "anaraknophobe", an album of easy listening, cut and paste samples, down tempo jazz and quirky electro. In 2001 Alan released "Buff Plaza", a blend of deep house, afro beats and dark funk.

For such a busy producer, Alan remains relatively unknown, having chosen to work under a variety of pseudonyms. You may have come across his work without realising it.

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