About the Founder, and How He started IEO
International Evangelical Organization:
In 1982, I was a school student, and through a small
booklet I believed LORD JESUS as the SAVIOUR.
Those days I received Holy spirit and become a Christian.
LORD guide me to preach the word of God in my Childhood.
I 1985 I started my Independent Evangelical
Organization service.
Still I have no any support from any church or organization,
with my own effort I am doing this service. Now I am 36
(Un married) my responsibility is to GATHER SOULS for
the Kingdom of God! We have younger 5 members of
servant of the God.
This IEO evangelical service is being run by my occupation
fishing. So about 3-4 hours I spend for fishing and all Other
time I spend for this service. IEO is introducing LORD JESUS
to Buddhist, muslimes, Hindus and Catholics traveling to
village by village 
1. We visit every home and introduce Jesus to them as the
Saviour, we talk to Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics
and Other idealosists too.
2. Through correspondence we spread the send Gospel to
the difficult remote areas.
3.  We give the message of God they christian films,
sermons and hymns.
4.  Conduct bible study programme.
5.  Domestic Gospel service.  are works done by us. We do
these for the glory of Lord.
We do free distribution in printed media. By now, we have
distributed about 47,58350 evangelical books and tracts. Also
we have been able to GATHER about 1300 souls so for. These
are Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Catholics.
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