Dear Christian friends,

Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus!

Thank you for your all responses. I am so happy to join with us Christian friends / brothers & Sisters like you with our Independent Evangelical Organization. With this I enclose some of our needs for our Organization please I expect your prayers for this.Also I request you to fulfill at least one of these needs. If you are unable to carry out other needs, you can join with your church or organization to make a donation for this send this letter to your Christian friends.



1. We need about 3 push bikes to use in difficult areas where there is no transport facilities. One cost U.S. $77.

2. Our correspondent evangelical service we do voluntary and for printing materials, postage and maintains cost will be U.S. $ 65 per month. please pray for that. 

3. We have no vehicle for our service, we do it on government transportation. In evangelical trip, we need about U.S. $ 50 (per month) for food and transport expenses. With that, pray for a separate vehicle for the service. 

4. We have a need of a computer accessory set for our official work and printing work. It cost at least U.S $ 400 for a used complete computer set. 

5. This is the most essential need which we have no at the moment. In this ease I want to direct your attention to this. For all the printings in Sri Lanka, we have to pay and then we distribute free of charge, we are in the need of these facilities. But we are economically unable to carryout this need. 

Please Pray for us. Our Evangelical service in Sri Lanka is by printed media. But we don’t have a printing machine. We can't afford to by one too. OFFSET Printing machine costs about U.S. 24,000 dollars which is a big amount to us. There for get us a useable but not using machine, If you have, please send us for our service to make easy. To buy a small printing machine we need about U.S. 7,700 dollars. Please pray for our need. So if you can, supply us a printing machine or even a so second hand offset machine or small printing machine. It will be a great support to our evangelical service even to widen Our service further more. Accordingly.  

 •   Cost paid to out press will be saved.
 •   With that, new and various publications can be published.
 •   Free from custom charge can container charge and also the time       to reach to us will be saved.
 •  Still, a Christian news paper is not published in Sri Lanka. For the      glory of God and for awakening spiritually to print a news paper on      word of God and distribute free of charge. 

6. Another proposal for you, from a small place, I started my evangelical service in August 2004. Because a separate place I want for my service. I was able to build walls and doorframes in part of that building, half built this get wet and dry for 21 months. I am very sorry for this. Please I hope you give attention for this. I am a little person. I do as I can. There was no one to help me in Sri Lanka. I did you this specially to understand my situation I hope Lord will help me. It is estimated U.S. $ 1050 for the completion of the building. 

7. We do print a new Sinhala gospel tract once a three month 25,000 copies are printed. This costs about U.S. $ 180.

Our Contact Information

Name:           B. A. C. Rohitha Fernando
Our Address: Independent Evangelical Organization
                    88/B, Basiyawatte, Negombo Sri Lanka.
[email protected]    [email protected]

I hope hearing from you soon. May the Love of God, the peace of his presence, and the joy of knowing and serving Him continue to nourish you and encourage you as you walk day by day in His wonderful light! We thank you again for your corporation with us. Wishing you all the best!

Thank you so much,
Your Brother in Christ,
Bro. B.A.C. Rohitha fernando.


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