We distribute all our publications free of charge for the glory of God. We are also authorized distributers.

                                            1.  For Spiritual awakening we do our publications and distributions free of Charge.

                                            2.  We have other publications published by the foreign organizations
                                                 World Missionary Press, Inc.-U.S.A.,
                                                 Gospel Truth Publications Ė CANADA, 
                                                 Jesus Christ's Eternal Kingdom of Abundant life, Inc.-U.S.A.

                                            3.  In future we hope to extend our service through international co-operation

               For this, you too can help us, for this evangelical service in Sri Lanka.
                               We are able to translate your tracts and books and distribute them free of charge.

Printing Needs.

This is the most essential need which we have at the moment. In this case I want to direct your attention to this. For all the printings in Sri Lanka, we have to pay and then we distribute free of charge, we are in the need of these facilities. But we are economically unable to carryout this need.
     Please Pray for us. Our Evangelical service in Sri Lanka is by printed media. But  
   we donít have a printing machine. Please pray for our need. It will be a great support
 to our evangelical service, to widen Our service further more. Accordingly.

                                 1. Cost paid to press, will be saved.
                                 2. With that, new and various publications can be published.
                                 3. Free from custom charge, container charge and also the
                                    time to reach us will be saved.
                                4. Still, a Christian news paper is not published in Sri Lanka. For
                                   the glory of God and for awakening spiritually to print a 
                                   news paper on the word of God and distribute it free of charge.





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