Greetings and Salutations all ye who travel this path we call life.
     Greetings and Salutations, please allow me to introduce myself, I am Nefarious Darius of the Hand (AKA Todd C. Hand)  and I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (S.C.A.). I am the Shaman of Clan Shadowood (a group of bisexual/homosexual men and woman into the S.C.A. and light S&M and B&D), I am a protector of the strange, and a defender of the wierd.
            I ask that all who enter here do so of there own free will and accord. The imagery and artwork throughtout this webpage has been taken from other sources on the web. Please bear with me as this website is still under construction, and will probably be so for a few weeks to come. I can assure you that when this webpage is fully armed and ready, she will be a tool and an instrument that should help you free your mind and open the cage within you that holds your inner child hostage. I only ask one thing all ye brave souls who dare tempt fate and journey further. PLEASE ALLOW THE PAGES TO LOAD 100%, and use explorer and not netscape to view this information. Please be patient some of the GIF's take a few seconds to load up. I realize not everyone has a cable connection, but please show patience and reap the pages that are finished at present. If you are using a dial up 56k modem or less, this will be frustrating to you, please be warned that the pages will take time to load up, but the wait is worth it. With the various programming platforms that are out there, flash, adobe, lightwave, you will all see that in the future it will be a necessity to have a DSL or a cable connection. Without a faster connection you will find that you can't access some of the webpages. The current trend in flash will eventually be felt here on this page, so just as a warning............PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.
      I beg on hand and knee that if you have liked what you have seen that you not only write me an e-mail telling me what you liked, but please also pass the webpage address to friends and family whom you think could benefit from the insight, art, poetry, and philosophies that are contained within.Bright blessings and safe journeys.

In service to the Dream, I remain......
A WARNING FOR PARENTS......please read the following.

To all those folks out there with young children. Some of the material on my pages may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Please review my sight to see what issues you have before you allow your child to venture any further. In the world we live in, violence and ideas sometimes confuses a child. My section on THE DEN OF DEVOTED DEVIANTS, is a section for those into S&M and B&D. Topics such as religion, music, and online gaming may be appropriate for teenagers, but they will have questions on what they read, so please look thru the material completely so you know what your child may be talking about. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and a concerned parent is a earth mother looking after her precious children. Please know what your child is looking at on the net. As a parent it is your responsibilty to make sure your child grows up healthy and productive in society. Some of the stuff on my webpages are controversial and may create situations and questions parents may want to avoid. Also, please talk to your children about internet safety. Make sure they know how to avoid online predators and stalkers. A computer is a tool, make sure you know how to use it to protect your young children at home. It is a scary world we live in, and even more now than before we have to pay attention to our children in order for them to grow up to lead us as we get older. A compassionate honorable child requires hours of dedication, please keep track of your child as they play on this tool. Thank you for your time on this issue.
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