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NeeSoft is the section for my projects. Not all of the projects developed by me are enlisted below. Feel free to give a try to the following freewares.





Chaledean Numerology 2.0

This is a numerological program that uses your full name to predict your personality. Check out if Chaledean Numerology works for you. 

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Neeraj Speaks...

This section is my place for getting things off my chest, bitching, sniping and voicing my opinions. The topics I choose are specially which draw my attention. Everything here represents my personal view on the subject and if anything should turn out to be libelous      or slanderous then please feel free to sue me - I'm broke.

India Shining? 

BJP, as I thought was the sole political party that possessed the potential to abolish the reign of the glorious hereditary peers of the Gandhis in Indian politics. But to my dismay, the party suffered a great failure. Enforcement of unpopular policies and laws like spending crores on advertising campaigns, support for the Hinduist ideology despite the fact that Indian constitution favours secularism which are quite blatantly against the will of the people are some of the leading causes for its failure. 

I really do not understand the need to devote a fat sum in advertising campaigns conveying the splendid days their government have accomplished in their reign which is in total controversy to the present India. The BJP government sang songs of prosperous and wealthy farmers riding in his own vehicle and that of youngsters rushing to school whilst half of the nation is still striving hard to fetch their daily bread and butter, farmers are still commiting sucides due to lack of capital and innumerable kids still devoid of primary education. Thats ridiculous! The masses felt good or not is a mystery but the government was quite successful to hide their impotency and inefficiency but which was shortlived.


Nicholas Berg - The Beheading

He is an American Civilian who got his head chopped off as a revenge for american abuse to Iraqi prisoners. There were hardly any tv news channels and news web-sites that didn't carry this news. The clandestine came to light when one of the terrorist group posted this barbarous movie clip on its web-site. This was followed by tons of moaning messages and reactions.

A few days passed and columns in newspapers flashed with the headlines Nicholas Berg is alive. Heck! The articles depicted that the beheading video was a fake one. It's a story and we have free press and all that and they have a good case for publishing the story in the first place. I would never agree with it. If it was a political stunt, then it is a big shame! 


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Freebies from Neeraj

HTML Tutorial
Thinking of developing your own homepage but don't know how! Hmm...Learn web page and HTML concepts with this free tutorial. I bet learning HTML was never so easy. (Size : 48KB) 

Source Code Gallery

Programming Concepts
Control Structures, Object Oriented Features, Linked Lists and more (Size: 58KB)

Computer Networks
Sliding Window Protocol, CRC, Minimum spanning tree, Shortest path algorithm (Size: 92KB)

Computer Graphics
Polygon clipping, Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse drawing algorithms         (Size: 19KB)

Computer Methodology and Algorithms
Basic computer algorithms   (Size: 96KB)

Numerical Methods
Simpson's rule, Lagrange rule, Trapezoidal rule, Secant rule, Runge Kutta, MEuler (Size: 34KB)

Artificial Intelligence
Medical diagnostic system, Parser adventure game and more   (Size: 33KB)

Implementation of Scara robot and much more   (Size: 533KB)

Digital Signal Processing
Butterworth filter, Correlation, Impulse response, Convolution, Fourier transform (Size: 582KB)

Data Communication
Huffman coding algorithm, Lempel-Ziv algorithm, Hamming code (Size: 36KB)

Systems Programming
Assembler, Compiler           (Size: 429KB)

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