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                                    Welcome to my Homepage !

                            Hello There , my name is Nima .      

                  Thank you because of choosing my web page! 

  •    In my website you can see a lot of cool links that

             some of them take you to the Iranian cool sites.

  •          Also if you like to know a lot about physics

                                  go to the Physics link .

  •                   If you want to know something about 

           ISLAM ( my religion )  just go to the Islam link .


  •        I can teach Physics , Math , computer science

           for getting more information go to the services link . 

  •       For getting more information about me you can

                                 go to the About me link .

  •      Don't forget to visit Photo Album to get some of my

                                               Pictures !

  •   Do you like to read Iranian poems , you can see some

                         of them in poem link so just click it .


                    But don't forget to send Email for me , I can't  

              improve my web page unless you suggest me .  


             My Email address is :  [email protected]


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