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     In this page you can know a little about me !

                            (Just a little)     

                                                                                                              Name  :                                       

                            I am Nima        

                        and I am Iranian and of course I am a Muslem.

                    In persian language Nima means Light  but I think

                 it doesn't suit me because I am not as well as light for 

                                example I am not as fast as Light !

          Occupation :

                    I am a student of Applied Physics in university , 

               I like physics very  much because I think that Physics 

                     is the only science that rules all over the world !

              And I love studing about light and optics because I think

                           that there is a kind of special force in them .

           Entertainments :

                      I like Web designing very much also I like studying

                      English , and singing but I am not a professional

                     singer , I like listening POP musics and my favorite

                                                            singers are :

                   Farhad , Fereydoon Forooghi , Faramarz Aslani , Habib 

                               And Shadmehr Aghili , ... (Iranian singers)


            Sport :

                 I am a saviour in the swimming pools but not in the sea

                       In fact my favorite sport is swimming and I think that 

                         It is a very calm sport that make you really relax

                          I work as a saviour in summers but not always . 

                              In fact I think about it as a hobby not a job .

                                also I like hiking and mountain climbing .

             People :

                     I like to be very busy and active so I hate slowcoaches .

                             I hate chatterboxes and busybodies but I like

                                              highfliers and highbrows .    

              Love : 

                I actually believe that :  ' A friend in need is a friend indeed'

                In fact I believe that only in hard conditions you can find your 

                    real friends  that are really Love you , so LOVE is a very 

                   great feeling that you can only show it in hard conditions 

                       Otherwise It is not real Love It is only wasting the time

                                               and you know I hate that !

                Color :

                Green is my favorite color and I think that it is the color of life .


                    If you are not agree with me you can send Email for me 


                                                          discuss with me.

                                                    [email protected]










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