"This Self is never born nor does it ever perish; nor having come into existence will it again cease to be. It is birthless, eternal, changeless, ever same. It is not slain when the body is killed."  (Bhagvad Gita, Chapter Two,Verse 20)
Selva, you will always be loved and you will always be missed.

This website is dedicated to Selva who lived alot, loved alot and laughed alot. He will be missed by all his family and friends who love him dearly.

Selva will always live on in our hearts and minds.

Please use this website to share any story or picture you have of Selva. Your pictures and your stories will comfort and help those who mourn his loss. The guestbook limits the length of your message so if you have something more to say, or pictures to add, please email them all to me and I'll make sure they get uploaded immediately. Suk.

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NEWS! Selva's friends in the UK are holding a small gathering to celebrate Selva. Please come to Corney & Barrow, 37 Jewry Street, London EC3, on Thursday, 28th April from 6pm onwards. More....
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