- Lighthouse
- City Street Large 2
- Jesters Halls
- 10-32's warehouse
- Bridge
- Sunset Motel
- Rodions Rocky Refuge
- Forgotten Base
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maps at:
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site is up!
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                                  12/25 - 2001

I've got some really good news for anyone who might
be interested. My brother is working on NEED A FRAG's
Ghost Recon server. We got the idea after enjoying many, many beers(and playing, of course), so now we
need to sober up, and get to work. The working title is

I'll keep you all informed, but If you want to get in touch with us, please email
                                12/26 - 2001

Hi again. I've been playing Ghost Recon a LOT more,
and must admit that it's beginning to grow on me. There
are some rather large differences between it and Rogue
Spear, and not all for the better. But it's enough in the
same vein to keep me playing; still miss the fast indoor/
outdoor rushes from Rogue. It should also be noted that
I'm very fond of the HBS, and are having lots of trouble adapting to life without it.  And please, somebody, bring
back the HK G3A3.

All in all, I wish they would use the engine and make
Rogue Spear II.
Places to go
RENEGADE LEGION review up now ! !
                                 01/03 - 2002

Well, my worst fear is about to come true. One of them at least. Someone is making a 'weapon-in-1st-person-view' mod. This is really not to my liking, it always looks completely out of place; the gun follows if you look down, fake hands etc. I hope this will take it's place in oblivion as soon as possible. However, go to
this          and read more.
Ubi Soft has just announced that RAINBOW SIX: RAVEN SHIELD will come upon us later this year. This is great news for all of us that miss that kind of gameplay.
The only thing I will complain about is that the game will be made on the UNREAL engine. Please make your own. Any new Rainbow game should be completely it's own. Not just the latest crop of 3D shooters, from an very over-populated genre. Look at all them games now, they have about 2 months and then it's on to the next. Seems to me that people really doesn't play them, just TRY them. The first RAINBOW SIX had something unique. make it again.

I just bought DESERT SIEGE, and I must admit that with the implementation of desert maps, I'm beginning to like this game a lot, but I'm afraid that my heart will always belong to R6. I tried to go back to RS from GR but I couldn't stand the lag. That's a important factor too. So until RAVEN SHIELD arrives, It's GHOST RECON for me.
                                  7/29 - 2002

Hooray!! I've finally made my Ghost Recon server. It's
installed in my kitchen, where it can't be heard that
much. The only problem now, is that my ISP can't provide me a fixed IP until next month. So, I'll have to type in the ones I get on this page. It will mainly be
opened on weekends.

Machine, of this site, and myself, CABAL will be playing there a lot. Everyone is invited. Look right
for the server page.

See you later.
Click here for server page
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