The Knights Of Nee Clan
You must want to play in a clan, be a experienced player, not beg for items, play Diablo II alot, and you must be friendly and cooperate with clan members. Account names and character names must start or end with "Nee". Examples:
Pizza-Nee | Karate-Nee | Spirit-Nee | Nee-Sorceress | Nee-Barbarian
do not make your character names or account names with vulgar words such as
Ass-Nee   (sorry to use that word in public!!) I will tell you if your account name and character names are acceptable and then you may be admitted into the clan. Email ANYTHING you wish to say to me @
[email protected] or send me an instant message; my AIM name is ViperThunder.
1st Rank- Leader (Me)
2nd- Talic
3rd- Madawc
4th- Korlic
5th- Peasant
Korlic is in charge of third-rank knights.
The Knights Of Nee Clan

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