These are the ranks of the current members of the Knights of Nee. To attain a higher rank, knights/peasants must be loyal, friendly, and trustowrthy. For instance, if someone's character popped and you didn't even know them, and items dropped such as Storm Shield and Fury Balrog Blade, and you gave them back, you will receive credit towards promotion. Clan knights (or peasants) can also be promoted through various activities of the clan such as dueling, MF tournaments, or ear hunting. (You will see no one in the clan has a rank yet because the clan just started!)
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I ensure that everything is going well in the clan and also run the website. I make sure all clan members are well-suited with items, I also help clan members with the structure of their characters. I do not tolerate vulgar language in the clan at all. Penalties include suspention from clan activities, temporary or permanent banning from the clan, and demotions.

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Leader - Rank 1
Talic-ranked knights are the best fighters, smartest, and the most friendly and trustworthy knights. Talic's knights are the Shining Knights. If you are part of this group in the clan, you never get into fights with clan members,  never lie, never steal, and always help clan members like I do. The Shining Knights has just about the same amount of power in the clan, except I enforce the rules and decide who gets promoted. If a Shining Knight wants to help redecorate this website, I will see to it that he or she get my password to edit this website :

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Talic - Rank 2
I encourage all clan members to try and at least attain a rank of Korlic, but would like it even more if clan members could make it to Madawc. You must do well in duels, be friendly, not get in fights often, and you help clan members.

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Madawc - Rank 3
Korlic is assigned to rank 4 clan members. Knights in this position are not bad, but they aren't good either...just normal. Korlic's knights can be part of clan activities, but are not too good in duels and have a hard time collecting ears. Korlic-ranked members get in fights sometimes..

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Korlic - Rank 4
Peasants are improperly equipped, never listen to the clan leader, get in fights often, and will not have the opportunity to participate in clan activites. If you are in this position, you need to work harder at being friendly, loyal, and trustworthy. (I don't expect anyone to be a peasant!)

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(None-let's keep it that way)
Peasant - Rank 5
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