The Musician

With such lyrical splendor
how you've touched my soul
reached the depth of my heart

With melodious rapture
how you've taken my breath
awakened senses with a start

And now I'm seeing you
with eyes set to a new tune
open to vibrations all around

And you're so beautiful
a kaleidoscope of colors
of lovely sights and sounds

Play on, Piper, play on
that haunting melody
that soothing serenade

Let your skill and cunning
melt this heart of ice
misuse most aptly made
Is fearr l`ubadh n`a briseadh
It is better to bend than to break
The Willow Grove
Just Friends

Were I to feel your strong embrace
of warmth and comfort
so inviting

Were I to know your sweet kiss taste
the love and passion
flame igniting

Were I to wrap your soul round mine
a new religion
for my finding

Were I to give in, cross that line
that sacred boundry
ever binding

There'd be no going back...
My Friend

when no one else would

the way a friend should

holding me
like no one else could

I wish you were here
As He Paints

Sitting by
so intently
so patiently

Longing to touch
daring not
lest the spell be broken

Not the muse
not the subject
but the timid observer
of greatness

So deep a yearning
to hold that star
to be near such beaut

To gather the light
in warm embrace
comfort the form
ease all pain

But dare not touch
while he paints
lest the spell be broken...

Maty's Masterpiece
By Alvise
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