By Alvise
Willow Grove
All art is originally created by Alvise. It should be noted that the face in Alvise's icon is also from an original piece of artwork by Alvise and was used by Saille with permission for the express purpose of creating the icon. Follow the link above for more great works by this artist!
Maty's Masterpiece
Alvise is, in my opinion, one of the most talented artists to walk the earth but, then again, I'm biased. The work below is a small painting that he did for me, as a gift, and it has no name that I'm aware of so I have taken to calling it Light Blessing. All of his works, like his talent, are a blessing and a gift. I can only hope and pray that the muses will, forever, inspire him.
**HUGS by the tons my friend!!! ** 
These two works were sent with the simple titles of "Lady" and "Men". Though the titles are short and simple, the works certainly are anything but! Well done, Alvise! Thank you, again, for sharing them! :)
Pg. 2
Pg. 3
Pg. 4
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