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Assignments: 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , Final Submission
Assignment 1: Plant Material Identification Study - Preparing a Source Book for the Central Anatolian Plants Commonly used in Landscape Architecture Practices.

You will be introduced five plant materials each week during the early sessions of the semester, up to a total of approximately forty plants (trees and shrubs). You are expected to sketch, research, study and present the following information about the plants. Eventually, you will complete your own handbook of landscape plant materials that are widely used in most landscape architectural practices in Central Anatolia. The design of the book(let), graphic composition of the pages, organisation and classification of the plant materials are all up to your personal preferences. It is suggested to use one page for each plant.

Requirements for Each Page / Plant

Latin / scientific name
Common names: English and Turkish
Origin / native and habitat
Size: height and spread
Growth habit and form
Characteristic features of the flower, fruit, leaf, bark: colour, fragrance, texture etc.
Exposure Preference: Full sun, Partial shade, Full shade
Soil preference
Necessary visual presentation of the plants: sketches, photographs

Preliminary Submission
You are expected to prepare:

Minimum of five pages for each section - trees and shrubs.
A cover
An index page
Two internal section cover pages for trees and shrubs.
Preliminary submission of the plant material handbook project is week 9.

Plant List

Assignment 2: Grading Study - Site Model Building - Site Map

The requirement of this assignment is to build a contour model of the site given. The objective of this practice is to help you better understand the relationship between the existing and proposed contour lines around the designed elements. To accomplish this, in this grading study, you are required to figure the proposed contours only up to the roads indicated, and to build the site model with the roads in 1:500 scale in A5 size. It is suggested to redraw the contour line map with the roads on a trace paper while figuring the correlation and the alternation between the proposed and the existing contour lines prior to building the model. You can ignore the house blocks and the property lines at this stage in this assignment. This assignment to be completed in the studio during the class hours and it is due by week 4.

The house is given to you without being completed in order to allow you to participate into the problem developing process. As future architects your participation with your individual inputs into the entire design process from the beginning is crucial. To accomplish this the following two assignments were designed.
Assignment 3: Problem Developing - Program / Scenario

You are expected to define your user group or family members with their number (2-4), ages, occupations, habits, hobbies, disabilities, limits etc. They are your clients who will use, live and enjoy this house with its landscape. By naming them you will not only bring together a certain number of people but also determine their everyday activities or perhaps their professional practices, which might take place in this inhabitancy. You can represent them by texts or graphic presentations on A4 sheet(s). You are encouraged to use various innovative and descriptive graphic techniques such as collage, installation and sketch. Be courteous in typing all texts by hand with Architect's Hand Lettering using capital / upper case / block letters. This assignment is due by week 5 .

Assignment 4: Base Map Preparation for the Site with Completed House Design

Enlarge the house and its private property from the given site map up to 1:100 scale. Complete the design of the house and its interior, windows, doors, passageways, entrance, driveway, stairs, etc. according to your scenario written in the earlier assignment. These additional utilities of the house can be modified during the further landscape design process. The house will be one storey. Notice the sleeping quarter and the living chamber have extended sides shown with dotted lines. These potential volumes provide flexibility for you to utilise according to your scenario. Present your base map of the site and the house on a 45x60 cm sheet and design a frame with title block. This base map with the completed house is to be submitted at the end of class in week 6 which will be returned to you on the following Monday.

This 1:100 scale base map of the house with its private property to be used in your individual landscape design practices in up coming weeks.

Assignment 5: Grading Study - Setting House Massive Block Model in the Site Model

You are required to prepare a 1:500 scale massive block model of the house you designed according to your scenario. Adapt your site model's topography according to your building's setting. Place the house block into your site model. The assignment is due by week 7.

Assignment 6: Landscape Architecture Site Plan(s)
A. Planting Site Plan
B. Construction Site Plan (Grading and Hardscape)

At this stage, the goal is a complete site plan of the house and its lot, that is presenting the Planting, Grading and Hardscape features of your landscape design. You are to prepare a 1:100 scale, Landscape Architecture - Planting Site Plan on a 45x60 cm sheet for planting and another sheet for the Landscape Architecture - Grading and Hardscape Site Plan for construction. The Planting Site Plan must include a Plant Legend (plant list) of the proposed plant material. The Grading and Hardscape Site Plan must present the house and the entire exterior paved surfaces-patios, retaining walls, steps, driveways, car parkings, etc.; and in relation with these structures and the existing contour lines, this grading site plan must delineate the proposed contour lines with proper graphic presentation.

You should also prepare a 1:100 scale model of your design.

A preliminary presentation is expected in the week 10.

Final Submission Requirements:

1:100 Site Plan(s)

Additional Submittals for Final Presentation:

Presentation Model 1:100 scale
Minimum of two section - elevations,
perspective or paralline drawing(s)

Final submission is due by the end of week 14.

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