Nedim Kemer
My students and I compiled this treasure as one of our class projects in the Landscape Architecture Course at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey in the 1996 Fall Semester. Each student was assigned one tree and one shrub. They were to research the basic theoretical information, sketch the graphic material and consequently, prepare two pages for the book.
The cover design, index, glossary and bibliography are my contributions as well as the overall design of the book.

Landscape Architecture



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I have been so lucky to cross paths with some incredible young people--the students in my class who are the real authors of this book. It was my privilege to work with these individuals. Assisting them with their challenging questions made my job most fulfilling.

The plant sketches and the accompanying information in this handbook have been prepared by the students for plant identification purposes in our landscape architecture class.

Unfortunately, landscaping materials are too often either ignored or not used to their full potential in general architectural practices. I suspect that it is not because of limited resources but because of unfamiliarity with them and its consequential intimidation.

This hand guide, created with love and great appreciation of the plants, will familiarize design students and future architects with landscaping plant materials and their terrifying Latin names.

Our intention was to emphasize the aesthetic values and landscape design qualities of plants rather than their botanical features as well as we have also tried to be carious about their ecological needs.

This book would not be possible without the incredible support of Bobbie M. Vosters. I am also very grateful to my former classmates Emin Baris Ph.D. and Ekrem Kurum Ph.D. for their great assistance.

Nedim Kemer, MLA

Department of Architecture
Ankara, TURKEY

ARCH 291 Landscape Architecture
Fall Semester, 1996-1997

University of Connecticut Plant Database
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