METU Middle East Technical University
Faculty of Architecture, Ankara - Turkey

Advanced Research and Design Studio in Landscape Architecture (2-2) 4
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This studio is designed for graduate level and fourth year Architecture and Planning students. The studio has a 20 percent research, 80 percent design sequence. In its practical content, contemporary problematics of open public spaces in built environments will be explored and rational design solutions will be developed within the realm of landscape architecture discipline.

Objective Objective Objective
The objective of this studio is to practice deep and through critical analysis methods for the outdoors-spaces in urban environments, which will eventually enhance the establishment of relevant design solution dynamics.

Method Method Method
The course will start with an introductory discussion session of the contemporary problematics of the City of Ankara. Students are required to tour the city to experience, to observe, and to explore the physical difficulties and esthetical imbalances of dysfunctional outdoors-public spaces in first hand. Through series of research and discussions, students will pick and select their individual sites and define a project challenge by delineating a particular problematic. The instructor will conduct the selection of the project site and its thematic topic for the current civic interest.

An analysis session will follow to include but not be limited to gathering of comprehensive physical and social parameters of the site. The in-dept quest will be extended towards the current civic issues and future projections as well as the explorations of the natural and cultural history of the site.

Following this, within the creative program development context an innovative yet rational design concept will specifically be developed and presented for each site to generate comprehensive design solutions.

Majority of the studio work that ultimately aim the development of design solutions towards functional and esthetic space explorations, will be performed by studio practices, presentations, and interactive discussions and criticism sessions within the contextual issues. The practical methods of the studio consist by site visits, interviews, report writings, series of drawings, models and alternative expressive presentation methods and use of alternative mediums.

Course Outline Course Outline Course Outline
Week 1 Introduction. Data Gathering and Site Visits, Local Authority and / or Client & User Contacts.
Week 2 Discussion of Problematics and Program Establishment
Week 3 Presentation and Program Determination
Weeks 4,5,6,7 Design and Discussion
Week 8 Preliminary Presentation
Weeks 9,10,11,12 Design and Discussion
Week 13 Final Presentation / Jury
Week 14 Evaluation & Colloquium
Justification Justification Justification
Ever growing and crowding modern cities are enlarging along with their problematic open-public spaces. These spaces in the urban structures not only provide base and service to the built structures but also to the vital infrastructures of the cities. Therefore they all need to be considered and articulated wholly within the urban context. It is more than essential for future architects to comprehend the necessity of well designed and articulated open public spaces that are the breathing atmospheres of cities both physically and conceptually. This course aims to introduce landscape architecture and its principles to provide a meeting ground for a critical approach and for an harmonious bonding opportunity for the fundamental components of a city - in the content of this course the case is Ankara.

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