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NeddyNed.CJB.NET is an non-offical Fansite. This Ned Brower/Rooney site was made to give "Props" to Rooney and mostly Ned Brower for being 'the' shit. I hope you check back with us at'neddyned.cjb.net'. Stay Tuned!


04.23.05-- Taylor and Louie LJ Icons have been Added. That's all for today.

04.22.05-- 17 NEW Pictures have been Added. Also I have added newLJ Icons of Ned, Robert,Louie, and Matthew. Also Rooney has a very things in the works. Such as more tour days, I will keep you posted...

04.01.05-- The New Layout is up... hope you all like it. Also i changed the polls section to the "Fun and Games" section. I added puzzles and polls.

03.26.05-- More New : pictures! Also i am planning on completely re-doing the site so that it looks hott. I'm excited about it...we will see how it turns out...

03.21.05-- The Site : More Dates for you Californians!

03.20.05-- New : Tour Dates!

03.13.05-- I am very Excited to tell you that Ned and Sarah are married! Which is so cute. Here are the pics.

03.11.05-- It has been a long time since i have updated the site. Hopefully there will be more going on at the rooney camp in the coming weeks. So here is what i did update today: The News has been updated. the news. Also pictures have been added. I also added a few new icons.

Neddyned or Drumstick is not run by a member of rooney nor are we a offical site. This is a FanSite. I do not own all of the content on this site, and do not claim to own it.If I have something that belongs to you, and you want credit or you want me to take it down simply Email Me and let me know.I am not a member of rooney and nor have i gotten high with any member of rooney. Yet. Let's make that happen in 2005.

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