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Welcome to my newest online project: Nectropolis. I plan to debute all of my roleplaying projects at this website from now on.  This is so I can finally get the fortune and fame I so rightly deserve. heh. 

My web interface is from:

From here you can check out any of my projects to the right. Or, you can sign into my message board below. Please feel free to leave any suggestions on 
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-Modern S.D.C. Weapons for Rifts
-Poetry: Some of my recent works
-Gadgets for Ninjas and Superspies by Apok
-New Mage Spells for AD&D
-The Vestri: A NEW race for Rifts!
-The Rim: Coming Soon
-Pictures of the Vestri: Getting Scanned Soon
-New Hovercycles for Rifts: Arriving Soon

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