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Welcome to my site. Do not fear me, only worship me. That is all I ask. Have fun looking around and please feel free to drop me a line in the guestbook. If you think of anything else I should have on this website, please, write me a note through the guestbook or email me :)

Updated: November 2nd, 2004

WHAT'S NEW? - New pic of the whenever (just me)
SOON TO COME - Once I have time I'll try to update a lot but its hard. As soon as I'm not lazy I'll make a journal entry.

The Gallery

Here is part of my website where I will put some of my digital camera pictures of family, friends, pets...those sorts of things. Also, i'll try to scan some of my hand drawn pictures into this area as well. Enjoy.

"In the Works"

Here you will find current projects i'm working on in the realms of live theater, performance art, and short (or long!) films. Due to my untrustingness of people i don't know, original film ideas will not be posted but casts, meeting times, etc will.

Personal Info Page

It's ME!! everything you might want to know about the one and only me. Send requests for subjects (favorite toothpaste for example) through the guestbook or my email. I will have the answer up as soon as i can.

Online Test Results

These were very fun. Here you can find all the results from most of the online tests that I have completed. I wouldn't say they all fit me but they were still fun!


Not sure if this will survive my editing and self-examination but this is where i may be writing journal entries, poems and just my zany thoughts.


Links to friends' sites and other cool sites that i enjoy to go to. If you are a friend and you have a website that i don't know about, tell me! I will be sure to include it on this page

All original images and works on this page are under copyright 2000-2004 to Daniel Tharp (me!). If you would like to use anything you must contact me through email or guestbook. Thank you.

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