Here I will tell you what is going on in my life in the areas of film, theater and art (in general)

Theatrical Plays

I'm not sure if I'm going to have to do theater practice in the Fall because I've been told Video Production won't be official until Winter term which means I may have to stay a theater major for one more term...and in turn that means more theater practice :(

Performance Art

Those "secret projects" I spouted about never really happened. We as a friend group love to make plans but rarely go through with them LOL. Anyways, nothing really new in this department though it would be really fun to do SOMETHING! Any suggestions? leave a message in my guestbook!


Film. Hmm.

Right now I am the producer for 3 SOU commercial spots! I'm a very important person (yeah right). I'm very very close to getting them all done but I have one more to finish up. I still need stock footage of a football game and finish up Boomer's commercial. They are due Monday August 2nd. Then, after that, I have to present the videos to the president of the university and she has to approve them. I've been told she'll want to change some things so I'm prepared for that.

I also started a script about a psychic detective that I haven't been able to get back to yet.

the script I previously talked about (The Circle) kinda flopped in my mind because I made it too complicated. I may resurrect it and simplify it, but only time will tell

Finally, I WILL be doing a short movie (or maybe long movie??) next school year. I'm going to start writing the script (or scripts) this summer. I know I know people who will want to help and we will be casting before the school term starts (I hope). Bug me about it so it gets done! LOL...I've also decided that my main goal with this next video is to make it good enough that it will win an award. This will mean a much more different attitude then during the filming of Alpha Omega. This will be more intensive in that I am going to take more time with actors, more time with camera, etc. There will be no rush! (and because of that I hope the quality will be very gooood).

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