Ashland Paranormal

- This is a site dedicated to mine and some of my closest friends' interest and investigation of paranormal activities in the Southern Oregon area. If you have any stories, pictures, etc that you would like to share, or if you want to join our "team", please visit this site.

Boi Bob

- Enter into Boi Bob's world. If you are easily offendable, turn away now, but for those of you who are like me and have an open mind, click away. He is a really great guy and he would appreciate you checking him out (no not like that!)

Cassady's Page

- Venture into Cassady's mind, where you will find....stuff....and things. Cassady is a good friend of mine so visit her site or else.


- This is our band's official website. Here you will find bios off all the band members and their wenches as well as some songs (if you are clever enough to find them).

Magnificent Place o'Teensy

- This is Danyn's website. She is one of my good friends and she has some cool stuff so check it out

The Blueberry Treehouse

- This is my friend Kenna's page. Go marvel some of her really cool original artwork.

Boogie Jack's Web Depot

- Visit this weird guys site, he's an alien with no life - but sorta kinda cool anyway. Great place for free graphics (backgrounds, etc.) and other nifty stuff.

Dr. Fun

- Site where I got most of my animated gifs. This site has a lot of cool, free gifs and such so go check it out!

Flaming Text

- This is a really cool site where you can do really really nifty stuff to text to put on your website (example: the flaming text on the personal info page). It's free and very fun :)

Muted Faith

- This is a really fun website where I took some of my online tests (results in the "tests" page). The tests are really fun and I suggest you take them! Nanu!

Southern Oregon University

- This is kind of random but you can go here if you want information on the college I go to. Just felt like putting this in here :)

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