American Gold and Silver Currency is Back. Click here for the Liberty Dollar at a Discount.

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The Move Up Has Happened!

November 24, 2005, the Move Up has happened! As of November 24, 2005, the COMEX 30 day moving average price of silver had been at or above $7.50 per Troy ounce for 30 consecutive days. This has triggered the Move Up in silver base the currency is based on. This was anticipated by Bernard VonNotHaus (developer of the currency) and was built into the Liberty Dollar system long before it was ever issued to the public in 1998. Now the currency has a face value base of $20 per Troy ounce of silver. All currently circulating Liberty Dollars have now doubled in value! The $10 Silver Liberties will be worth $20! Pay a small reminting fee and shipping and you will double your money! Contact NEA Liberty Associates today to find out more!

Now is the time to take a stand against the ever dropping value of the Federal Reserve Notes the government is printing at a breakneck pace! Look at the markets in precious metals! Gold is up, silver is up! It is time to change to a currency that will hold it's value no matter what the government or the Federal Reserve does! Become a Liberty Associate or Liberty Merchant today! Contact NEA Liberty Associates today!

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American Gold and Silver Currency is Back. Click here for the Liberty Dollar at a Discount.

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