The Liberty Dollar. 100% Backed and 100% Redeemable. Click Here to Get it at a Discount and Profit from Inflation.

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, so much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation."
-- John Adams (1735-1826) 2nd US President

Make money making change!

Why business owners should be Liberty Merchants

Thank you for considering the Liberty Dollar!  We would like to do that first because we know how valuable time is to a business owner.  The old saying is very true:  "Time is money."

First of all, to become a Liberty Merchant all you need to do is begin accepting the Liberty Dollar as one of the forms of payment you will take for providing your goods and services to customers.  Then to complete the circle, you begin to give the Liberty Dollar as change and begin to build a reputation in the community as the merchant that "gives change in silver."  This will increase your traffic and build loyalty with your customers because they know that you will accept the Liberty Dollars you have given them in change.  This in turn reaches into the community and helps to establish you as a business leader.

Second, the Liberty Dollar is a circulating currency, not a banking currency.  In other words, a trade currency.  Because it is usually not accepted by Federal Reserve affiliated financial institutions (commercial banks) or large corporate marketers (i.e.:  stores like Wal-Mart), the Liberty Dollar remains in the community and is a natural tool for building local commerce.  By accepting the Liberty Dollar you have taken a significant step toward bringing value back to local shopping.  As more people recognize the Liberty Dollar and spend more into circulation, you will notice other positive effects, such as:
The honest-value Liberty Dollar is based on commodities with real value:  gold and silver, in contrast to the country's current debt-based, inflationary monetary system.  Because this is true, it is able to bring merchants and their customers closer, by allowing them to avoid the problems of a depreciating currency, while participating in the formation and preservation of real wealth within their local economy.

Who are the Liberty Merchants?

Since the introduction of the Liberty Dollar in 1998, there has begun a revolution in the United States; a revolution of businesspeople who are tired of being overrun by transnational corporations with thousands of locations, tired of being forced to cut prices, profits, and payrolls to a bare minimum in order to survive in their local economy.  Some business owners have decided to do something about it.  They are the small-business-folk of America, who have watched as foreign products sold at devastatingly low prices by marketing giants have funneled vast sums of money away from their community.  They are the Liberty Merchants.

Many small businesses have been forced to close and many jobs lost as corporate giants siphon the wealth out of middle-class America.  One of the ways the survivors are fighting this is by using the Liberty Dollar.  They recognize the need to return local economies to a form of value that doesn't sacrifice quality for low prices.  The Liberty Dollar makes this possible because it:
  • Consists of historically valuable commodities:  gold and silver,
  • Is unacceptable to banks and multi-nationals due to its non-accpetance by the Federal Reserve System,
  • Is destined by its very nature to remain in local circulation only,
  • Is designed to be inflation-proof, and
  • Is available at a discount (if the merchant has completed a free Liberty Merchant Agreement) that allows them to actually gain additional spending power each time they use it.
Liberty Merchants are the Mom and Pop stores, the local restaurants, the auto parts shops, the hardware stores, the tire stores -- the local people who choose to run their own businesses and offer their experience and services to their own communities.  Money spent with them stays in the local economy and increases the true wealth that remains there.

Liberty Merchants are the pillars of their community.  Their dedication is evident in their willingness to take risks and provide goods and services to their community and keep money, and the wealth it represents, in the local community where it belongs.

Let's Get Started ...

The Liberty Dollar. 100% Backed and 100% Redeemable. Click Here to Get it at a Discount and Profit from Inflation.

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