Welcome to Beyond the Core
The Elective Team at NDMS

Allard - PE
Gooding - Keyboarding, Career Decisions I, Life Skills
Johnson - Career Decisions II, Technology, Keyboarding
King - PE
Kirk - PE
McGill - Drama
Sell - Art
Smiley - Keyboarding, Advanced Computers
Stovall - Spanish
Swindler - Health
Wilder - Music, Chorus
Whitaker - Band

                   1st                     2nd                  3rd                      3rd                   4th                            5th                      5th                             6th                                     7th
Allard          PE                      PE                   PE                       Planning          Planning                    PE                       PE                              PE                                     PE             
Gooding      Keyboarding      Keyboarding    Keyboarding      Planning           Career Dec. I            Keyboarding       Life Skills I----(70 minute class)---                      Planning
Johnson      Expl Tech           Planning          Planning              Hunter Educ    Expl Tech                 Expl Tech           Transportation Tech  Transportation Tech        Communication Tech 
McGill        Drama                Drama              Drama                Planning           Perf Theater          Tech Theatre            Planning                  Children's Theatre             Perf Theatre  
Sell              Art                     Art                   Art                    Art I                  Planning                Art                            Art I---------(70 minute class)---------              Planning
Smiley        PowerPoint        Planning           Desktop Pub    Word Proc         Word Proc             Word Proc                Keyboarding          Keyboarding                      Planning
Stovall        Spanish              Spanish            Spanish             Spanish I           Spanish II               Planning                   Spanish I                    Planning                        Spanish I
Swindler     Planning              Health              Health               Health               Health                     Health                     Health                        Planning                         Health
Whitaker    Planning              Planning           Planning             Band                 Band                      Band                         Band                          Band                            f  Band
North Davie Middle School
Beyond the Core
Calendar of Events
Team Schedules
Elective Class Information
6th grade - 1st - 3rd periods
7th grade - 3rd - 5th periods
8th grade - 5th - 7th periods
News & Upcoming Events

February 13 - Early Release
February 14 - School Day
February 17 - School Day
February 21 - Dance 6:30-9:30
February 21 - The Arts in Education Program - Ken Curtiss, Glass Blower (All Grades)

March 12 - End of Quarter
March 13 - Early Release
March 14 - Teacher Work Day
March 17 - School Day
March 21 - Dance 3:00-6:00

April 14-18 - No School
April 25 - Dance 6:30-9:30

May 9 - 8th Grade Dance 6:30-9:30
May 16 - Dance 6:30-9:30

May 27 - Last Day!!!!! (NEW DATE)
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
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