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Welcome to the North Davie Band website.  This site is designed to answer the questions for concert dates, test dates, and practice points turn in dates.  Also it is a means of commuincation for you.  Feel free to browse around and if any questions arise, please feel free to email me.
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Come hear the NDMS Bands on Sunday, March 9th at 3:00 PM
in the NDMS Gym.
This will be the band's spring concert.  All bands will be performing.  Bring friends and family.
    Sixth grade band
After school lasts from 3-4 PM on the following dates:

Flutes:                1/14 and 2/18
Clarinets (A-M):  1/15 and 2/19
Clarinets (N-Z):   1/21 and 2/25
Trumpets (A-M): 1/22 and 2/26
Trumpets (N-Z):  1/28 and 3/4
Trombones and Percussion:
                          1/29 and 3/5

After school band sessions are not mandatory, however I strongly encourage students to stay. 
  Seventh Grade Band

Test Dates:
1/16     Concert Bb Scale PO
1/24     Written Quiz I
2/4       Sight-reading PO
2/13     Written Quiz II
2/19     Concert Eb Scale PO
3/6       Concert Music PO
3/10     Written Quiz III

Practice Point Turn in Dates:
1/23, 2/12, and 3/10

  Eighth Grade Band

Test Dates:
1/22       Concert F Scale PO
1/24       Written Quiz I
2/4         Sight-reading PO
2/13       Written Quiz II
2/20       Concert C Scale PO
2/26       Sight-reading PO
3/6         Concert Music PO
3/10       Written Quiz III

Practice Point Turn in Dates:
1/23,  2/12, and 3/10
                          Percussion Pow-wow:
This nine week 7-8 percussion students are invited to come to an after school percussion ensemble.  The sessions will last from 3:00-3:45 PM on the following dates: 
                   January 16, 23, 30    February 20, 27   March 6

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