La Clase de Espanol

Senora Stovall
Sixth Grade Curriculum  is a vocabulary study of greeting/salutations,feelings, numbers(0-100), colors, days, months, seasons, weather, adjectives, and geography. Grammatical study consists of composing and answering questions, studying sounds of the alphabet, comparing and contrasting adjectives, and presenting Spanish tongue twisters. A cultural study of the geography of the Latin American, Spain, and their influences on our life.
Seventh Grade Curriculum -Spanish I is a study of the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. After an introduction of Latin America, students choose a country and work in the technology lab researching required data on each country.  The students then prepare a poster and oral presentation on the country. Each student designs a travel brochure about his/her country.  Students will create graphic organizers on data researched through the World Almanac.   Then graphs will be made to compare and contrast specific data on the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. Students will  learn Spanish basic function words for everyday classroom use. Spanish II begins with a vocabulary review of greetings/salutations, numbers, days, months, and seasons. New vocabulary study of feelings, colors, weather, classroom articles, sports, animals, time, and numbers beyond the millions is introduced.. Grammatical study is introduced through responses to oral questions in the target language.  Students use patterns to express ideas and facts about other students and things.  Students learn to compare and contrast using adjectives in relation to animals and are introduced to the difference of Como es...? and Como esta? Students present seven poems in Spanish as well as give the English meaning. In the cultural unit students go to the technology lab to research facts about the Spanish-speaking countries.  Students relate the geographical areas of the countries.  At the end of the cultural unit students should be able to identify the Hispanic influences in their everyday life.
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Eighth Grade Curriculum-Spanish I is an introductory course of the Spanish language using patterns to form questions and appropriate responses.  Students learn everyday functional words as well as vocabulary for conversation with a Hispanic person.  Some grammar is enforced through proper usage of vocabulary. This is a quarter class for thrity-five minutes. Spanish II is a review of sixth and seventh grade curriculums with emphasis placed on sounds and division of words into syllables.  New vocabulary includes family, coastal experiences, body parts, clothing, foods, more animals and more adjectives. Grammar study includes the conjugation of regular and three irregular verbs, gender, number, possessions, correct sentence patterns, and agreement of adjectives and nouns as well as the proper placement of words in relation to other words.The cultural unit consists of a broad study of Spain and Latin America.  Each student must present an oral five minute talk in Spanish without reading the material.  The talk is written by the student incorporating vocabulary introduced during the semester. This is a 70 minute class per day for one quarter.

As of 2002, North Carolina requires two years of a foreign language for high school graduation. Although the languages offered at Davie High vary from semester to semester,they currently offer Spanish, French, and Latin.
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