Calendar of Emphases

There are many facets to our mission as we fulfill the purpose of NMI. The NMI Calendar of Emphases serves as a framework around which to build the plans for the year's activities. Of course, the calendar is flexible so you may adjust it to suit your church's needs.

� Emphasis Each Month Ongoing
Prayer and Fasting,Membership

� January 
Volunteer Opportunities
� February 
� March 
Easter Offering World Evangelism Fund,Faith Promise
� April 
Mission Education
� May
Medical Plan
� June 
World Mission Broadcast
� July 
International Ministry, Bible Schools & Seminaries
� August
� September 
� October 
Mission Priority One
� November 
Thanksgiving Offering World Evangelism Fund,Faith Promise
� December
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
Information obtained from Nazarene Missions International
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