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The Kings Mountain Church of the Nazarene is excited about crisis care kits! When their NMI President told them about crisis care kits some of the ladies in the church took this on as their personal mission.

After the tornado disaster in Kansas, the need for CCK's was presented and a special offering of $440.00 was received.

The interesting thing is, we have many who love to shop with coupons. These ladies purchased most of the CCK items with coupons. We used about $55.00 of the offering to complete the kits...8 BOXES! Because of their love of missions we could use the remainder of the money to cover the storage fees and to mail the boxes.

They decided this was going to be a year round mission for our church. We have people in our congregation who bring their coupons to the ladies to help with this project.

As missionary president, I am amazed at the generosity of people when a need is presented.
I have learned that when you share the "vision" of missions, it is contagious!

Donna Spivey-Sisk
Kings Mountain-NMI President
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